How an online course can make all the difference
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How an online course can make all the difference

When speaking to people in small, medium, and mid-sized businesses, a theme presented itself.

In these smaller businesses, it sometimes isn’t cost-effective to hire a full-time communication practitioner or a communication agency, but rather place these responsibilities on a senior leader or have someone within the executive support team take on this challenge.

Doing it themselves

At the start, this can include ways of getting company information to employees. But as time goes on this level of communication isn’t fit for purpose. Why?

Communication helps build and form working cultures, asserts key strategic priorities, and helps guide your people alongside a common purpose.

If these individuals only focus on sending out company information without the key messages, storytelling, or shared purpose, then it doesn’t inspire their people to interact, connect or engage with the communication, business, or their leaders.

Communication is such an important part of an organisation’s identity but can be greatly undervalued.

That’s why I’ve developed an online communication training course tailored to Executive Support Teams and Senior Leaders who are responsible for their internal and employee communications.

An extra helping hand – your online communication training course

This course gives these people strategic and practical help and guidance they need to produce successful and impactful communication for their business.

This course will take them through all the key stages to communicate with their business, it will help them develop their communications and tactics they need to know to align with their business strategy and activities.

First, we look at why businesses need to communicate, the purpose and strategy behind communications. What value communication can bring to businesses and how to engage with a remote workforce.

Then we dive into who should communicate, how they should communicate, when and with which communication channel. This course also covers how to measure KPIs to show that communication can bring tangible value to businesses.

How will this help?

If I can help just one person, one business, to improve their communications, then this course has succeeded. This course allows businesses to get the tools and communication support they need and be able to do it themselves.

By offering this course, this allows businesses to remove the potential need for consultants or agency support, which could be costly. By giving the right tools, training, and advice, these businesses can improve and further engage, inspire, educate, and ignite their people, while knowing they did it themselves.

And a little something extra

Now, that’s not all.

In addition to this new communication course, I’ve also developed a free eBook – “How to communicate with your people in your business”.  

This gives you everything you need to start developing your communication for your business. Giving you insights, tips, tricks, and communication industry analysis. Not only does it give you a practical understanding of communication, but also highlights the strategic importance of communication in business.

Think this course is perfect for you? Sign up and enrol now!

Remember to download your free eBook and learn how to strategically analyse, develop, share, and measure your communication to your people, to further grow and develop your business.

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