What’s the best technology to use when communicating?
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What's the best technology to use when communicating?

What is communication technology?

So, what is this?

This is the technology used to operate and maintain communication platforms and equipment.

Over the last fifteen to twenty years communication technology has vastly improved to the point that we have fully integrated it into our daily lives.

We’ve gone from early giant bag-carried mobile phones to slick light tablets and wearable technology. We’ve integrated our communication technology to be used not only in the office but to be used wherever we are, whether at home or on the go.

Digital culture

We’re now living in a digital age, where instead of receiving hand-written letters we prefer video calls, emails, and social media interactions on our laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

This digital environment is constantly changing with new inventions entering the market and technology continually improving. It can make it exciting but also challenging to keep up with the shifting times.

What is apparent though is that we prefer to communicate via these new digital methods. We find them quicker, more adaptable, and easier to integrate into our everyday lives. It helps to blend our individual lifestyles and our communication preferences together.

How it should help you

Communication technology is the device and vehicle which drives the content out to people. With the right infrastructure in place for your business, you’re able to reach people in so many different ways. Each person has a different preferred method for receiving communication.

New communication technology focuses a lot on collaboration. Instead of just looking at ways to send communications out to people, these platforms aims to bring teams together to work as one.

But there are other ways communication technology can help besides collaboration.

  1. Faster, more reliable communication
  2. Communicating to a wider audience
  3. Higher productivity
  4. Reducing language barrier in global audiences

Types of communication technology

As you can imagine, there are many different types of communication technology. And they each support specific types of communications.

There are technologies that focus on:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Telecommunication
  3. Document sharing
  4. Social media
  5. Automation
  6. Email and blogging

More and more communication technologies are blending the lines between what platforms and solutions do. So, one solution can allow collaboration, telecommunication and document sharing all in one.

But what you must do is put in place strong governance, so your people know what platforms and technology to use for the specific communication methods. If you don’t have this in place, then your people will be confused about what to use for what task. This then could hamper two-way, cross-department and cross-grade conversations.

Ways to use this technology

Now you’ve got more of an idea about what communication technology is, what and how it can be used, it’s interesting to look at how businesses are integrating it into their ways of working and culture.

Some businesses focus much of their communication around Yammer, a social media platform. Others use Teams or Zoom, collaboration communication platforms. Many businesses instead prefer to focus their business around using SharePoint intranet and document sharing platforms.

The type of communication technology used depends on your business, your size, your structure and how you’re growing your organisation.

As with anything to do with communication, the more communication methods available the wider reach you have. So, don’t just stick to one type, use multiple. Making sure you define which content features on which solution and technology.

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